The project «Readiness to Motherhood»

The project «Readiness to Motherhood»


Social and psychological rehabilitation for young mothers with kids in the centre «Young mum», Kaliningrad


The centre «Young mum» was opened in 2014 and it was designed for 8 mothers and 12 children under 5 years old. The centre has become a shelter for young mothers from 15 to 30 years old who have been deprived of their homes due to different reasons. As a rule, they are young or underage mothers: graduates of the boarding schools or women from socially unprotected or low-income families. They grew up in the situation where they could not understand the true role of the mother in families with destructive relations between parents and children.

The majority of women who live in the Center do not have a harmonious understanding of the parent-child relationship. Throughout their lives they have been carrying a feeling of resentment towards their parents. Experts define this attitude of a child as an anxious-avoidant type of attachment. Orphaned mothers unconsciously continue to project this type of relations onto their children and often leave them.

Observation of the communication and interaction between young mothers and their children has shown that women are not interested in the general development of their children and they can be very cruel to them. Besides, they do not want to or can not play with them.

These mothers need a comprehensive social and psychological rehabilitation which can change the scenario of deviant motherhood, interrupt «hereditary» orphanhood and promote the harmonization of mother-child relationships, thus, ultimately saving the family.

For the implementation of systematic work with young mothers and their young children Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Project PARUS” has developed a program of social and psychological rehabilitation of pregnant minors and young mothers with children.

The project includes group lessons and individual consultations of young mothers living in the Center.

Monthly Schedule: 4 weekly group meetings for 90 minutes
  Individual 30-minute consultations twice a month
  4 weekly group activities for children

Team of specialists: 1 family relationship expert
  1 clinical psychologist
  1 child psychologist

Total project budget: 200000 rubles (about 3000 euro) per year. It includes payment for the services of psychologists as well as purchase of toys, stationery, books etc.


We will be very grateful if you can help us! There should be more happy families!


For questions please contact: 

Irina Zheltova

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Marina Kolyada

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07 September 2017


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