Проект «Создание структуры профессиональных родителей»

The project “Creating the structure for training Professional parents»

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On September 15, 2017 we had a seminar for substitute families and future foster parents at the Slavsk Child and Family resource centre. The meeting took place at three venues: 1. Irina Shpraer, the psychologist of the Slavsk branch, told the psychologists from the branches in Sovietsk, Yantarny, Baltiysk and Kaliningrad about the work with foster families and the experience of the «Slavsk Foster parents school”. The experts exchanged their opinions on the methodology for obtaining a psychologic qualification for future foster parents as well as the importance of the psychologist opinion for the guardianship authorities. The representatives of the Kaliningrad Ministry of Social Policy M. Gagina, I. Zaitseva, L. Sveshcheva also took part in the work of the venue.


The second venue was entirely devoted to children from substitute families: they were offered to show their dexterity and strength in the gym, to make small gifts for their parents and, of course, to treat themselves to pies and sweets.


The third venue was given to the parents – members of the Slavsk foster parents club and future possible foster parents. Under the guidance of the psychologist from the Kaliningrad Child and Family resource centre Elena Romanenko they presented the portraits of their families, told about happy moments and discussed everyday problems. And what a lovely surprise we had! We watched “My Family” presentations from two large families in the Slavsk district and listen to a song-gift to the adoptive mother.