Our mission:
Harmony in the family: We work to ensure that every child is surrounded by mother’s
care regardless of any life circumstances. 

About us.
Autonomous non-commercial organisation for the implementation of social programmes
«Project PARUS»  was set up in 2016 in Kaliningrad as a community of caring people
who are ready to solve difficult problems. 
Our main activity is to protect the interests of the families with children in a difficult life
situation as well as to improve their well-being. 

«Project PARUS» also provides activities for single mothers in a difficult life situation
with the aim of their rehabilitation, socialization and prevention of social orphanhood. 
We help:
– families with children in crisis
– families with seriously and terminally ill children
– mothers (former orphans) in crisis

Our objectives:

  • support and implementation of projects aiming at helping mothers and children in a
    difficult life situation
  • harmonization of child-parent relationships and improvement of children’s well-being in
    crisis families
  • support for comprehensive assistance programmes for seriously and terminally ill
    children and their families
  • support and implementation of projects for rehabilitation and socialisation of children
    with special needs.
    «Project PARUS» actively cooperates with:
  • Organizations that support seriously and terminally ill children
  • Institutions that support children without parental care
  • Educational institutions and organizations where children with special needs study.
    Another area of our activities is the development of the social projects, their expert
    evaluation and promotion, as well as the search for the resources and funds for the
    effective projects implementation. 
    Becoming our partner you contribute to the healthy future of the Kaliningrad region – the
    westernmost region of Russia. 

If you would like to help us, please email us at:
[email protected]


Марина Коляда

Marina Kolyada


Ирина Желтова

Irina Zheltova

Project Manager


Елена Березина

Elena Berezina

Project coordinator
PR specialist