If the family is at risk

If the family is at risk

Support for families in difficult life situations

More than a half of the population in Kaliningrad region live in rural areas, small towns and urban settlements with a low standard of living if compared to the center. It is connected with the peculiarities of the region itself and with the situation in individual municipalities. Remote areas of the region have common problems: high unemployment, undeveloped infrastructure, inaccessible or insufficient medical care, weak social protection.

First and foremost social and economic difficulties of the region negatively affect families with children. Disabilities, serious illnesses, orphanhood, unemployment, loss of permanent residence, conflicts and abuse in the family are the problems that any family can not cope with independently and gets the status of a family in a difficult life situation.

According to the Ministry of Social Policy of Kaliningrad region d.d. 2016 this status was given to about 23 thousand families.

As a rule the crisis of the family is characterized by a sudden deterioration of the financial situation, family break-ups and breaking of the social ties that often lead to social isolation. Such situations primarily affect children. They remain alone with "adult" problems that they can not solve themselves, they lose their sense of security and degrade.

"Project PARUS " together with Child and Family resource centres and educational institutions implement programmes aimed at supporting and social rehabilitation of such families, strengthening of child-parent relations and preparing children for independent living.


07 September 2017


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