Hospice is not just the walls

Hospice is not just the walls

Skill improvement programmes for Palliative Care Professionals

The structure of providing complex palliative (medical-social) care for children has only recently started to form in Russia. Unfortunately, the existing system of medical care in Kaliningrad Region can not provide really effective assistance to terminally ill children. Not least due to the lack of qualified personnel.

Palliative care specialist is an unusual person in Russia. It is an expert who comprehensively looks at the symptoms and evaluates them.

To create an effective system of palliative care for children in our region we need to understand its essence and the differences from palliative care for adults. Besides, we have to learn the experience of other countries and pioneers of national palliative care for children.

That is why, within the framework of creating the first Kaliningrad hospice for children, one of the most important tasks for Project PARUS and its partners is to support educational programmes for medical and non-medical professionals and to assist medical training for doctors, also outside Kaliningrad Region.


07 September 2017


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